Being here in Wakayama,
we can make things you won't find anywhere else.




Over 100 different types of vegetable are grown in the fields around our restaurant. We judge the size and shape of each vegetable, and draw out their infinite potential by pairing them properly with other ingredients

Our philosophy is …

 Our philosophy is …for our health, and to protect future generations of children. It means understanding the laws of nature, and living a rich life according to the oft-forgotten wisdom of our grandparents. We live in the natural surroundings, so we create preserves and wines from the fruits found in our gardens. We candy, pickle and dry the abundant vegetables taken from the farms of villa AiDA so that they do not go to waste. In the summer, we preserve our plentiful tomatoes by bottling them. In the fall, we harvest the rice and collect our olives, pickling them in salt. Through these everyday moments, we find ourselves saying "Ah, summer (or fall) is here," and we are able to experience the passage of a year. We are grateful for the "time" that went into each single piece of food, from the moment the seeds were sown to the moment of harvest, and all of the people who involved themselves in that process.
We are especially grateful for the land and weather of Wakayama, and all of the farmers and fishermen who support us. We are grateful for our families, and the cooks who prepare our meals. Yet, with more people moving to the city, and the ability to find just about anything at the supermarket, it seems as though it is becoming more difficult to sense the relationship that our food has with time.
People lead busy lives. We have less and less time to spend thinking about our food, let alone enjoying it. Everyone has their own opinion on what leading a rich life means, but I think this has something to do with it. Together with local producers and nearby products, we would like to create a place that affords opportunities for people to say "Maybe we should try to change the way we eat..."
Many years ago, I opened a small restaurant, Ristorante AiDA, in the town I grew up in. Thanks to everyone's support, it will soon be approaching its 20th year of business. Through this passage of "time," each day has brought new feelings that life is granted by nature. We hope to continue sharing warm meals produced by this land with everyone.




Our Ingredients 

Our food begins with our staff gathering the vegetables to be used that day. The fragrance of fresh herbs and vegetables harvested from the nearby fields of villa AiDA and brought directly to the table that morning offers something truly unique.
We are also deeply grateful for the vegetable farmers and orchard keepers who support us, as well as friends who bring us fresh game, wild plants and mushrooms. With the ingredients used at villa AiDA, we know the face of each person who helped produce them. We usually do no make a point of saying this, because for us it is a natural and "everyday" occurrence.



Menu Natural 4000JPY

2plates + 1dessert
One vegetable dish & one main dish with dessert .

Menu Seasons 6500JPY

5 plates + 2desserts
A course menu using seasonal vegetables & local fish orpoultry.

Menu Flavour 12000JPY

8 plates + 2desserts
A meal born from the creative imagination of the chef.



 What villa AiDA recommends, first and foremost, is a wine that draws out the pure flavor of the grapes. That is to say, a wine in which the unique characteristics of the terroir (the features of the place the grapes were produced) and the vintage are directly expressed. We stock wines that pair well with Italian, French and Japanese cuisine, and offer a silky finish.





OPEN TUESDAY~SUNDAY 11:30~13:00(L.O.) 18:00~21:00
For reservations by telephone, please call +81-736-63-2227
We take reservations from the first day of the month prior to your intended visit. If the first of the month is a holiday, then reservations will be taken starting the following day.
For example, if you intend on visiting on July 20, reservations for that date open on June 1.
Additionally, as this is a course menu, we ask that guests not bring children younger than elementary school age.
For online reservations, please visit our page on Pocket Concierge (click here for English







 Surrounded by serene ocean, the beautiful hills of Wakayama produce more than just vegetables—citrus and other fruit trees also grow here. Pigs, cows and chickens that have been raised in a comfortable and safe environment are also used in a way that lets nothing go to waste. Fish, oysters and other seafood taken from nearby fishing communities produce a fresh aroma, like the sea breeze from home. We have a connection with each of these producers. Fully knowing each other's work and feelings allows us to move in the same direction, and send the same message. In our own way, we are always trying to think of things that "simply cannot be done in the city." This extends not only to the food we make, but also to our relationship with producers.



Lodging Information

For dinner guests at villa AiDA, a nearby room is available for use (twin bed, with separate bathroom) so you can take your time enjoying the meal and having drinks. If interested, please select the auberge package when making your reservation.








Price    Pricing Guidelines

30,000 JPY
(Includes a course Menu FLAVOUR, wine pairing, breakfast & lodging fees for one person.)

Facility & Amenity

Room includes bath towels, face towels, bathrobes, shampoo, rinse, body wash, slippers and a dryer.
Telephone and TV are not available.
Plenty of free parking







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For guests coming by car:

Turn left after exiting the South IC of the Hanwa Expressway. From there it is approximately 12 km (or 15 minutes).
From the North IC of the Hanwa Expressway, it is approximately 16 km (or 20 minutes).
The parking lot is free to use.

For guests coming by train:

Guests coming from Osaka should take the JR Hanwa Line and get off at Kii Station.
Guests coming from the Nanki area should take the JR Wakayama Line and get off at Iwade Station.
We recommend taking a taxi from the station.
By taxi, it takes 15 minutes from Kii Station, and 5 minutes from Iwade Station.
When taking a taxi, please tell the driver to take you to “AiDA in Iwade.”


71-5 kawajiri iwadecity WAKAYAMA JAPAN

OPEN   11:30~13:00(L.O.) 
Telephone +81-736-63-2227  






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For inquiries about villa AiDA, chef Kanji KOBAYASHI or special events, please contact us using the form here. We look forward to hearing from you, and will respond as quickly as we can.